Chicken Gizzard

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chicken Gizzard may not be a pleasant-sounding name but it is actually the name of this pretty and fancy looking plant. This interesting plant, which is botanically known as Resine Herbstii Aureo-Reticulata, has red stems and green leaves with yellow and red veins. Some of the leaves have tips that point outward but mostly are pointed inwards, similar to the shape of a cut-opened chicken gizzard, hence its name. It is an eye-catching plant when placed among other plants.

I got the young shoot of my Chicken Gizzard from Fraser's Hill. It was growing as a healthy wild plant there because the climate is cool and the sun not so hot at the hills. When I brought it home, I could only grow it undershade with some indirect sunlight. It needs a lot of water to survive here on lowland. But during rainy weather I have to be careful not to over-water it. This plant requires a bit more attention, if not the plant could just become weak and wither.

I had two types initially. The type with green leaf is easier to handle and lasted till now while the red-leaf type was just too hard to manage and died on me :-(

When the stems becomes tall, I cut it and pin the cutting back into the soil in the same container so that I would get a bushy plant in the days to come.

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  1. Hi Steph. Nice to know you. It's been lonely here at Blotanical. I mean aside to one blog from Putrajaya, I don't see any other from Malaysia.
    You have some nice plants ...

  2. Hi Steph, ok after I commented on your message (on my blog), I're gardening in Malaysia!! Gardenias would definitely be outdoor plants there..lucky you! I LOVE tropical plants and try to grow plumerias, hibiscus and jasmine every year but they definitely have to come indoors in winter. Looking forward to getting to know you,

  3. Blossom, I am happy to find you too ;-)

    Lynn, Thank you for your suggestions! Will keep them in mind when I go shopping for new plants.

  4. Hi Steph and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love this little flower you posted. I've been trying to get quite a few plants in that color foliage for a nice contrast with the green. Looks great.



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