Golden Money Plant

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Many Chinese love Golden Money Plant (Jing Qian Shu) and you can find this plant mostly in Chinese-owned shops and houses. The plant can be placed indoor or outdoor but should be undershade.

The one I have in my garden bears flower when the weather is cool for a long period of time. The flower is cream coloured and the shape looks like an anthurium's bloom (spadix and spathe). There is a myth that says if the plant bears flower, good fortune will come to you. As for me, I keep this plant in my house not for this reason though, but because it looks strong and healthy with its fat midrib. The deep green leaves are thick and glossy and will not wither unless they are too dry.

When I first got this plant from my sister-in-law, I almost killed it due to over-watering. I used to water it everyday. Then the leaves turned yellow at the tips. After I trimmed all the unhealthy stems (you can see these cut stems in the picture below) I started a new watering schedule i.e. watering it only once a week. Months later, new stems began to grow and the plant looks very healthy even with nominal fertiliser. I have also propagated this plant, which is known by botanist as Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, using a section of a stem and given baby plants away. It makes a really nice gift!

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  1. I'm going to keep an eye out for this one in the nursery, it's a beauty! And it doesn't sound to fussy to keep well...always a great combination:)

  2. Ok, this is creepy, but I recognized that plant as the "Zeze plant" because of Paul James on "Gardening by the Yard". It's exactly the same plant. How funny. I didn't know it was also called the Golden Money Plant. Supposedly it's the hardest plant to kill and will take a lot of neglect.

    Great post!

  3. Hi Lynn,Yup this plant is not fussy at all :-) And, you can always move it to beautify your room/indoor if necessary.

    Hi NotSoAngryRedHead, Thank you for dropping by my blog. Yeah very funny how the common name of this plant can be so different :-) Most probably Zeze is short form of the botanical name.

  4. What an interesting & informative post, Stephanie. There is also a plant that called a money tree/money plant which puts out translucent oval -shaped leaves that is often used in dried arrangements. Are you familiar with that? I'm not at all 'up' on botanical names, or even common names, for that matter-but that's what I've always called it, anyway! Your plant does look interesting and sounds like a wonderful indoor plant, even for someone who's not all that great with indoor plant long-term-maintenance! They always look wonderful when I bring them home but in a few months, they don't seem to look very well;-(

  5. Wah. So many comments already. Hehe... Yeah, I love this plant. There's one in Thoo's house and we don't really take care of it and it still looks good! :)

  6. Hi NotSoAngryRedHead, Jan, Thank you for joining my blog. You made my day:-D

    About those translucent leaves, I have not seen before. And, yes, it is a low maintenance plant just like what Deborah commented, don't really need to take care :-).

  7. I was warned that this plant is poisonous. Some Singaporian said that these were thrown away for that reason, same in Malaysia. Anybody has idea with this news?

  8. I want to find this plant! I think it might do well in Houston, where I live.

    To Anonymous, it looks like it can be poisonous in large quantities, but this is true for many of these types of plants, from what I've read. In small quantities, it looks like it can actually be medicinal.

  9. My Money Plant flower now (same as above photo)... after 6-8 yrs of care. I want to put it up on my blog but I am not able to name it properly beside money plant (too many type of money plants u can see at nursery)
    Any guys know the scientific name ?
    Btw, this plant no poison at all.... trust me

  10. It's only poisonous if ingested. So do consider, if you have pets running aorund.

  11. what d heckk iz thiz " zeze " golden money plant hav poision in it ?
    iz it 2 dangerous for pet'z ? my pet'z usually pluck d leaves & root's in the garen does dis money plant's r really dangerous for pet's ?



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