Strawberry Pot

Monday, March 16, 2009

I found myself interested in strawberry pot after looking at a picture of a beautiful French blue pot in The Garden Shed Fall/Winter 2004 issue by Better Homes and Gardens.

Strawberry pot looks like an urn and has pockets around its body. Here, we can find either a terracotta or glazed ceramic type. But not all gardening shops sell such pot.

One day, I found a terracotta type at a neighbourhood nursery but the price was too expensive (over RM100!). Moreover the pot was not glazed (moss grows easily around pot that are not glazed). Hence, I did not buy it.

Finally, a friend got one for me from Cameron Highlands. The price was reasonable (RM25). It was a dark brown glazed ceramic pot. I was so pleased with it :-)

Currently, I have wild strawberry and three other green leaf plants growing healthily in my pot. It is probably due to the similar growing requirements of the plants and also that they are able to strive well in tropical climate and don't mind the compact space in the pot.

The strawberry pot makes a nice addition under the porch in my garden. Since it is small in size, I have elevated it using a flat pot as the base. Periodically, I would cut off some overgrown stems to make the pot looks neat and nice.

Once you know the correct technique of planting in a strawberry pot, there are many creative ways to make it looks beautiful. I am still in the midst of trying out the different ways. Happy planting yours!

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  1. So will strawberries grow out eventually? :)

  2. a blur person like me won't even notice the shape of the pot with so many leaves growing around it. but like how you place it on a base pot. a double layered double decker!

  3. It's a wild strawberry plant,the berries cannot be eaten ;-(

    And, I should have taken some shots to show the shape of pot. Hmm... I got to improve my photography skill.

  4. Pardon my ignorance but I never knew what to call my "Strawberry Pot" Thanks so much! I followed the link and will be prepared to plant my Strawberry Pot this season... incredible... it never occurred to me to fill the bottow of the pot up to the first pocket/hole with something to keep the poor plant from suffering... Thanks Steph. It's 5AM in Chicago. To bed!! Your blog has kept me awake, but I can't stop looking!!!
    Good Night!

  5. Hello Lynne! Glad you thought of a new way to replant your strawberry pot. I dropped by your blog just now. What a interesting painting you have. Have a good day!



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