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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The weather was so unpredictable last week. It was cloudy yet with not much rainfall. However, it was quite an exciting week for my garden.

I had earlier bought a Gloxinia as a gift for a friend's birthday. Then when I went shopping with my girl friend Debbie, I bought one for myself too. I thought it would be good to know how long this kind of flowering potted plants could last in our climate.

I repotted the Gloxinia into a larger container. It would be good to see more flowers later :-).

Then the next morning as I was on my way out, I noticed a strange-looking thing growing from my Alocasia Poly.

It's actually the spadix and spathe flower! It last showed up from my caladium plant and earlier from the Zeze plant and Aglaonema plant in my garden.

Hmm... now I wonder which other plant in my garden would have the same kind of flower.

Meanwhile, a yellow Portulaca also blossomed for the first time!

Happy gardening!

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  1. gorgeous! good luck with the Gloxinia sure you'll see more glorious blooms soon...

  2. The Portulaca is such a strange plant, such a large flower and so little stem and leaves. I'm sure it would look good in clumps.

  3. Your purple flower looks very nice...Hope more flowers will bloom :) Thanks for recommending me the plants.. I will be blogging about them!

  4. Gorgeous gloxinia. I have two plants, both pink.

  5. I just love your gloxinia. I did not know the came with double blooms. It is gorgeous. I would have went back and got one for myself also ;-) I have two single blooms that I love but yours is so much prettier. I will have to try to find one now. Thanks ;-)

  6. Your gloxinias look great! I'm sure there'll be plenty of blooms later. That bit of red on the portulaca makes it all the more appealing!

  7. Oh, that's call a gloxinia. The flowers are very pretty!

  8. Lovely,beautiful and colorful flowers..This is so lovely..Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  9. Hi Steph. I have several aroids which flower like that. Very striking.

  10. I grow many aroids in my garden. Love the diversity of their different leaf size, shape and colour. I have never grown Gloxinias. This velvety, purple looks superb. Portulaca are always a favourite with their delicate looking blooms like roses. All very interesting and pretty.

  11. The spadix and spathe flower seems to be an exciting "introuder" in your garden. Full of surprices ;) Gloxinia is a lovely inside plant her, but I never managed to keep it for long.. I always have my biggest success with Hoyas. Happy gardening to you too :)

  12. Your Gloxinia will expand in that larger pot, nice little cute yellow Portulaca!

  13. The flower on your alocasia poly looks a little like the one that sprouts on my peace lily. And I love that delicate yellow flower... does the plant grow larger? Cheers!

  14. Congrats on the alocasia bloom. I'm hoping my ZZ plant does the same for me this year.

    Keeping fingers crossed.

  15. I am fascinated with your portulaca. Such a massive flower, and I cant make out where the stem is.... I can only see the stalk holding the flower and tiny leaves... but where is the stem?... huh. ~bangchik

  16. Your gloxinia is gorgeous! And the spadix and spathe flower are such a nice addtion! You have an exciting garden Stephanie!

  17. pretty flowers and really nice foliage too. I keep looking for that ZZ plant everywhere but can't seem to find it. Sounds like a great solution for my house, which lacks sun (and attention from me!). Maybe I'll have to order on line. The gloxinia is a gorgeous color!

  18. Avis, so far the Portulaca plants are still tiny. I hope they will grow up soon.

    Bangchik, for now it is just one stalk with the flower. Hence, no other stem yet.

  19. You have so many surprises in your garden. I planted portulaca, but there was too much rain and they like dry "feet".

  20. Hi Steph,
    Enjoy your pretty glox. I had a deep pink one but over watered it and it doesn't look too great at the moment. I planted moss roses (portulacas) in my veg garden but the deer loved them!

  21. I love the shape of your Alocasia Poly leaves. Plants with big leaves like those don't do well in my desert area. I could add some Portulaca to my rock garden though. Beautiful pictures!

  22. I really love the Gloxinia.
    Didn't have a good luck with them. I bought 2 pots -one for me & and one for my mum few years ago.
    They bloomed awhile but slowly turned yellow and stayed dormant and died.
    Hope you share your success story and I might try having them again.

    Amazed to note the spadix flower from that plant too. I didn't know they have flowers too.
    As much as I know, I have seen that type of flower for dumbcane and goosefoot plant.

  23. Stephanie, your plants look gorgeous! No doubt they have been getting a lot of TLC from you.
    Please post follow-up photos of your gloxinia. I'm holding my breath, though, as I'm afraid the medium looks a bit too rich and the pot is a bit too big. Yes? No? I don't grow gloxinia but I have a number of AVs hence my worries :-o)!
    Best of luck with your planting.



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